Numelops claims the TMM TC20 title!

POSTED BY Jérémi Mapas 5 April 2020 in Overall RankingResults, Teams, Tech, Trackmania,
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The new Numelops tech lineup proved its skill once and for all on the TrackMania Master Team Cup 2020 by claiming the title! Numelops is now the TMM TC20 champions. Thanks to our players Harni, Complex, KoenWuite, Mawi, Soulja, Wag, Zycos, Dan, wtr, Jordy, B1ts and Jaka; we are now able to lift this trophy!

Let us leap back in the past and make a quick recap of the whole competition:
On February 16 was the beginning of the qualifications, throughout 4 games our team took the 6th seed out of 47 teams and moved to the Groupstage B with Elementaries, Ubiteam, THE and beGenius tech teams. With such strong opponents, our team could have a lot to do to qualify to the Champions Playoffs.

The Groupstages were in Swiss Rounds which means that as the team wins, they encounter teams that have won too. But the players led by their captain Harni remained undefeated throughout the entire Groupstage phase and won their 8 matches. In the Groupstage A, Elite dominated all the matches and were undefeated too, they were the most dreaded team by Numelops.

It was then time for the 8 best team to clash in the Champions Playoffs. The competition was at the summit of tension for Round 1 but some results were unexpected. Elite was defeated by THE and the most feared team was no more. But that didn’t mean that there were no other team to fear!
Numelops won the Winner Bracket Round 1 and Round 2 and proved the constituency of their skill. However, Elementaries did the same by defeating THE.

Winner Bracket Round 3 was one of the most critical clash of the competition. After a relentless match, Elementaries took the lead and defeated Numelops. Our tech team was a bit disappointed, that was their first lose of the competition. Yet two matches remained! The team wanted their revenge and didn’t gave up so easily.

After defeating THE, Numelops had to face Elementaries once again with a disadvantage within a BO5. Game after game, both of the teams gave their best and remained very close. After 3 games it was hard to tell the winner, however Numelops dominated the 4th game.

You’ve heard the rest of the story.