Good results in FullSpeed League – Glitch Edition

POSTED BY Jérémi Mapas 11 May 2020 in FullSpeedOverall Ranking, Results, Teams, Trackmania,
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This weekend our players completed the FullSpeed League – Glitch Edition, a solo FullSpeed competition! Here are the overall rankings of all of our players:
Darkbringer, 4th place | SinasAppel, 5/6th place | Aethal, 7/8th place | Craicy, NickLasK, Hope and Muffeyo, 17/24th place

Congratulations to all of them! We are proud to have such good players. Thanks also to the Numelops volunteers that organized the competition Nathan and Idreak.

As always, it is now time to do a “quick” recap of the whole competition!
The FSL – Glitch Edition was organized as a substitute to the Gamers Assembly TrackMania FullSpeed Tournament which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. The competition started the 18th April with 3 weeks of qualifications. To qualify to the Playoffs, the players had to drive a time on 5 maps made for the GA and reach the Top 32. The seed of a player was the average rank he drove on the 5 maps.

It’s hard to focus on one player but we will try to sum up the story. Our FullSpeed players did great as they stayed in the Top 32 throughout the whole qualification. Darkbringer did really great by staying in the Top 3 all along the qualification phase. SinasAppel also did great by remaining near the 8th place. Finally Aethal, the Captain of the FullSpeed Academy gave everything and fought to stay around the 10th place, he even surpassed Craicy some days, one of the player of the FullSpeed main line-up.

Within those 3 weeks, our players drove fast as hell and gave their best. The final qualifications rankings were disclosed the 8th May with the following results:
Darkbringer, 3rd place | SinasAppel, 8th place | Craicy, 9th place | Aethal, 11th place | Hope, 20th place | NickLasK, 24th place | Muffeyo, 26th place

This ranking was their seed for the Playoffs and unfortunately for SinasAppel, NicklasK and Craicy, they were all in the same first match. This situation resulted in NicklasK going directly in the Loser Bracket. Muffeyo battled well but did also fall in the Loser Bracket. Aethal, Hope and Darkbringer qualified for the Quarter Finals of the Winner Bracket

Since then SinasAppel – the Captain of the FullSpeed main line-up – had to fight against Mudda considered as the best FullSpeed player of the world. Along with Craicy, SinasAppel tried to defeat the almighty Mudda unfortunately, only SinasAppel stood against him. At that time, Aethal and Darkbringer were in the same quater final but at the end of this phase, Darkbringer was the only one to go through. Hope also wasn’t fast enough to continue his adventure through the Winner Bracket.

This was it, Winner Bracket Semi-Finals, the 8 best players of the competition were already there to clash and both Darkbringer and SinasAppel succeeded in qualifying for the next phase. However this time, the two other players were Mudda … and Kid, the 4 times champion of the GA FullSpeed Tournament! Darkbringer and SinasAppel were not fast enough to beat these two monsters! That was it, all Numelops players were in the Loser Bracket which took place the next day.

After a good night full of dreams, the Numelops players woke up to drive as fast as they could to continue the adventure. NicklasK and Muffeyo succeeded in qualifying for the Round 2 of the Loser Bracket. Here began the bloodbath, nearly all of our players didn’t make it. Only Aethal remained from the Round 2. Only 3 players left from Numelops!

Aethal continued his adventure through the Loser Bracket by winning the Round 3 and the Quarter Final even though he thought he couldn’t make it! Unfortunately for him, his wonderful conquest stopped at the Loser Bracket Final where he gave everything. An awesome result, congratulations again to him!

“Next match at 17. My heart can’t handle this. I’m actually shaking” Aethal

Darkbringer and SinasAppel were two matches away from the podium and many dreadful opponents stood between them and the crown. In the Consolidation Final, Ted and tk were their opponents. SinasAppel tried his best but didn’t succeed in going through this phase. Darkbringer was the only Numelops player remaining.

Three opponents to fight, Mudda, Kid and tk. 140 points to win. The match was dominated by Mudda and Kid who were way to good. Darkbringer and tk showed everything they had to win the 3rd place but in the end, tk won!

This story was pretty long and pretty cool to tell! I hope you enjoyed it.