Crowned once again!

POSTED BY Jérémi Mapas 17 May 2020 in DirtOverall Ranking, Results, Teams, Trackmania,
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Our dirt player made a huge performance tonight by winning the TrackMania Open Dirt Cup for the second time! He is the first player to win a back-to-back title on a TMO Cup!

Time to leap back in time and tell the whole story of this competition:
Cocho came back on TMO Dirt Cup 2020 one year after winning the 2019 edition. Full of ambition, Cocho entered this cup wholeheartedly! He had to be in the Top 4 in two matches to qualify to the Playoffs AKA Champions Cup. He began the first fight with 7 other players, riolu, Dunsta, Tia, Mini, detox, Romain and blitze. He finished easily at the 3rd place with 193 pts against 204 for riolu who was 1th.

He continued his adventure through the Upper Bracket of Round 2. This time, he had to race against, Madd, Nixotica, Firestorm, Snowman, Gillou, Space and DyZroD. Once again, he finished the race easily at the 2nd place with 190 pts and was then qualified to the Champions Cup against the 16 best players of this TMO Dirt Cup.

No mistake possible at this stage, if you lose, you go back home. A lot of pressure began to fall on Cocho shoulders but he remained calm throughout the Playoffs. The First round against Insanity, dorianraid and Tia was easy to win for Cocho as he qualified first in no time.

Round 2 was not the same, Cocho had to clash with Madd, Gwen the young prodigy and Firestorm. Everyone showed their best racing skills and the match was very close. Cocho was the first to be qualified but behind him a war remained between Madd and Gwen. Unfortunately for Gwen, Madd qualified.

And that was it, the big finale. 4 people fighting for the crown of the best TMO Dirt player of 2020. Cocho was very nervous, “Pressure almost killed me as always” he said through a tweet. However, the was not pressure that drove our player when he fought against Madd, insanity and WiiDii. With extreme precision and speed, he has been able to drive a World Record in the finals and to lift the trophy.

GG Cocho, we are really proud of you!