Back-to-back champions!

POSTED BY Jérémi Mapas 31 May 2020 in Overall RankingResults, Teams, Tech, Trackmania,
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Our players did it again! After wining the TMM TC20, we are now lifting the Trackmania Championship Series Season 2 trophy! Thanks again to the team, Harni, Zycos, Dan, Soulja, Mawi, MathiCs, Scary, Jaka, B1ts, Wag, Curzeh and Ringoa. Numelops is now one of the few teams to have back-to-back titles of major events.

As always, this is now time to do a quick recap of the competition!
Numelops didn’t have to go through any qualification since the tech team has been qualified into League 1 through the last TCS Season! Along with Proxiz, Elementaries, Funtime, beGenius, THE, THC and dacSp eSport, Numelops had to fight to reach the Top 6 to qualify to the Playoffs.

First hurdle, round 2 against Proxiz, a new tech team that contains top-notch players as Novis, MiQuatro, link and ChillerSide. After a really close match, Numelops snatches the victory. We began to understand our strengths and our weaknesses, at that time we were good at 1v1 but inconsistent on 3v3. 4 matches to go and already 2 wins but few points were gained and we knew that we had to play Elementaries and Funtime back-to-back. We needed points.

Round 4, here goes Elementaries, our old enemy, we knew that we had to fight to win this one. This time, Elementaries showed us our collective weaknesses by dominating team match-ups and winning the match. The round 5 against Funtime was nearly the same. At that time, Numelops was ranked 5th out of 8 and was disapointed to lose matches because inconsistent team plays.

But the trend faded and the two remaining rounds were successful. Numelops was then ranked 2th and qualified to the Playoffs with Proxiz, Elementaries, Funtime, beGenius and THE. The Playoffs were stressful because of the previous results, we had to improve. Our first match was against Elementaries, but this time we were much more prepared and we defeated this team by winning every match-up. 

The title was one match away from us and the team which stood between us and the trophy was Funtime. We had already lost against them in the League 1 so we had to be extra careful about this team since they also defeated Proxiz. This time again, Numelops was much more prepared and by winning every match-up, the players led by Harni were able to lift the trophy at the end of the match.

For their performance, Soulja and MathiCs were ranked MVP and top 2 player of TCS Season 2! GG to all the players again, we are proud of them.