First competitive Trackmania tech team of the World!

POSTED BY Jérémi Mapas 4 July 2020 in Overall RankingResults, Teams, Trackmania,
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Since the 8th April 2020, Numelops is now ranked 1st competitive tech team of the World on Trackmania. A beautiful title won by all the players and also by all the volunteers. Even though this ranking only takes into account the Tech team results, we would like to take this opportunity to thanks all the players from Numelops!

Thanks to the FullSpeed Team, SinasAppel, Dan, DarkBringer, Craicy, Harry and Hunter!
Thanks to the FullSpeed Academy, Aethal, Cubi, Hope, Muffeyo, nicklasK, Shadox and Taxon!
Thanks to the Tech Team, Harni, Ao, B1ts, Complex, Cousin, Curzeh, Jaka, MathiCs, mawi, racehans, Raptor, ringoa, Scary, SouljaWag and Zycos!
Thanks to the Dirt Team, Cocho and Fire!
Thanks to Numelops Manager, Nathan!

Numelops is proud to have such successful teams and motivated volunteers!